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State Nature Reserve of the Roman Coastal Area

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The State Nature Reserve, established on 29 March 1996, according to a decree made by the Ministry for the Environment, comprises the area of Fiumicino, Ponte Galeria, Ostia Lido, Ostia Antica, Infernetto, Acilia, Vitinia, Casal Palocco and the urban park of Castel Fusano, for which a decree was made, in order to "safeguard its precious naturalistic and historical-archeological value" and which prevents against further growth of built-up areas.  In particular, the Decree prohibits hunting and acts of damage to spontaneous flora and prohibits throughfare of off-road vehicles in certain areas.  This area does not include the Presidential Reserves of Castel Porziano, but we think it is opportune, just the same,  for us to give a description of their naturalistic profiles, since they are an important part of the nature and the history of the Roman Coastal Area.

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